Monday, February 8, 2016

Daniel Humer's Presidential Speech

Ladies and gentlemen, citizens of the U.S.  it is my honor to be a candidate in the race for office and to stand before you here today. Today, in the country, there are a multitude of issues that the country faces. One of the greatest issues is abortion and whether or not it should be allowed. Some believe that it should be a choice and others think that it is morally wrong. I strongly believe that it is a personal matter and should therefore be the individual decision of the women. After all, it is her body and she should do what she thinks is right. Beyond that, there is the argument of leave of absence and how long the mother can leave and get paid, if any. Some establishments allow their female employees to leave and get paid while staying at home and tending to the newborn. Many do not allow this. Many cannot guarantee the protection of the women’s position if she leaves to take care of the infant. Should I be elected, then I will put in place a new policy that all companies must provide all female workers with an appropriate amount of leave with pay.
Another  issue that many disagree with is the immigration policy. Many countries in the world, have citizens living in dire situations where the qualities of their lives are horrific and the environment around them is downright deplorable. So, as a result, many people each year enter the United States legally and illegally. What we should do is allow them to stay here and help advance and benefit the country. We should make the citizenship process easier. However, we must also regulate the amount coming in. Those who are felons must not be allowed citizenship. This country was founded on immigrants. We must allow our immigrant friends citizenship in the country if they are willing to do the work needed and are able to be an asset to us. They must not live in turmoil and be held back in their country when they can do so much more for us in our safer country.
Finally, there is another issue that I feel I need to discuss. For a very long time throughout our nation’s history, we have always looked down on the homosexual population. Our ancestors made it illegal, immoral, and unacceptable. We have already made history and great progress in the matter. On June 26, 2015 the supreme court passed a law enabling homosexual couples to wed and become unionized in every state in the nation, but there is still more that we can do. I,during my term,will fight for equality for homosexuals. Homosexuals are not really different, they are just people with different views on relationships. Like many groups there are those who are evil or bad people, which is why many do not like them, I get this. However, I do not agree with this. Many of them are hardworking, honest, loving, good people with emotions and feelings., we should not hold these differences against them.
Many citizens today of a great lack of respect and trust for the politicians in office. There is much corruption, subterfuge, duplicity, and deceit in our nation’s government. As one of my favorite people in history said, “The first chapter in the book of wisdom is honesty.” This man was our third president Thomas Jefferson. With us there is only the utmost of honesty, that is what the American citizens will get from us. So please I when you are voting, I urge you to  deeply look at your options and contemplate how they will also affect the nation. You would want only the best for your friends, families, loved ones, and children, therefore the U.S. too. If you love this great land of ours, then vote for Ms. Merullo and I. We too want what is best for all.

Julia Merullo's Vice Presidential Speech

My name is Julia Merullo, and I am running for vice president with my associate, Daniel Humer. What is Democracy? It is a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives. Democracy is meant to highlight the voice and opinion of every member of the population. It was put in place by our founding fathers, and the responsibility to sustain it has been passed on to us. Should Mr. Humer and I be elected, we will be sure to refresh the empowerment of every individual. There are a few key issues stated in our Democratic platform that Mr. Humer and I feel very strongly about. We will fight to the end for the issues that are facing our country today. First, we will work our very hardest on making every citizen of this country equal. Second, we strongly believe abortion to be a personal issue and will empower women to make the right choice for their body. Finally, we recognize the second amendment of the right to bear arms, however the background checks need to be strengthened in order to make this country a safe place.
Long ago, Thomas Jefferson once said “all men are created equal.” This phrase has been thrown around everywhere since then, and basically lost all meaning. It is not held as securely to American citizens as everyone thinks. Not every man and woman are treated equal in this country. There are among 50 million disabled citizens that are not given equal opportunity jobs. Although congress passed a law on June 6th stating that all homosexual marriages cannot be banned in any state, the LGBT community still faces many aspects of discrimination and prejudice views in this country. Many transgender individuals that need hormones and surgery, but cannot get get any insurance coverage, making something that they need virtually impossible to get. Many employers require an analysis on an applicant’s credit report before considering the rest of their resume. It is unfair to make a credit report the deciding factor in employment, because bad credit makes people poor. When people are trying to get a job and fight their way out of poverty, they are denied a job because of bad credit. These are all small issues that are not heard about all the time, but they are serious problems that would make our country better if they are fixed.
Abortion is an extremely controversial issue today. Many folks think that it should be illegal to abort a fetus because that is killing a life that has rights. However, I believe that the government should never get inside a women’s rights with her body. It is simply inhumane and not right to force a woman to carry a child to full term if she does not wish. It is also inhumane to have an abortion when a baby is already starting to form. If Mr. Humer and I are elected, we will make sure that abortion is legal, but must occur very soon after conception. Every woman has rights to her body, and can make the best decision for her child without the government controlling her. We will be sure to bring women’s rights to the attention of all people and stop this huge controversy over abortion once and for all.
Gun laws in this country are a pressing issue. It is true that the right to bear arms is stated in the constitution, and nobody is going to take that away. It is also true that school shootings and mass murder are becoming more frequent and out of control. Mr. Humer and I feel that we need to decrease and stop the number of hate crimes while still allowing citizens the right to own a gun. The plan we have to do this, is to strengthen the background check on the purchase of firearms. Guns should only be sold to those in the right state of mind with little to no criminal record and no disabling mental disorders. We also need to alter the laws encompassing gun shows and begin background checks at these so that mentally disabled people and criminals cannot use these as an outlet to acquire guns and firearms. We will make sure that these weapons do not fall into the wrong hands, and only allow responsible citizens to own them.
Fellow Americans, I urge you to take these words I have presented to you, and deeply contemplate them. I am a diligent worker, that knows how to get things done. Your vote will get me closer to finishing the work that needs to be done in this country. Mr. Humer and I are a great team, and by electing us you will prove that is true. Join our team and help us to bring the voice back in each and every one of you, and make a future to become empowered. Thank you.