Julia Merullo

Julia Merullo was born in New London New Hampshire. She has a older sister named Regina. Julia lives in Ossipee New Hampshire and attends Kingswood Regional High School. She takes music very seriously, and loves to spread her passion for music around the community by being a member the Rt. 28 a capella group, band and chorus, and the pit orchestra. She has also participated in Youth and Government last year and again this year. Julia has been elected onto student council as a class representative for her freshmen and sophomore years. During these two years she has helped significantly with Homecoming, Wish Upon A Star, the Thanksgiving food drive, and many more school-wide events. Not to mention the 65 hours of community service over the summer. Julia is the type of person who would always choose a challenge over the “easy way.”  She feel that if she chooses something that is within her comfort zone, she will never grow and learn. Julia is not not afraid to take a position of leadership, and feels that she has substantial experience in the field. Julia is a hard worker, and puts her mind to everything she does. Julia would be a great next vice president because she cares for women's rights and understands government. Being a woman herself she understands the struggle of other women when got getting treated fairly. She can change it will she will make all women equal.  

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