Daniel Humer

In this year’s election there are many candidates running for president, but only one is the right choice. Dan Humer is the right choice. But who is Dan Humer, let us find out.  He was born to parents Ross and Sally Ann Humer in New Hampshire on August 25, 1999. He has three older siblings and some pets. Dan Humer enjoys going to school and learn. Learning is a good part of Dan’s life, but not just about facts like the square root of 2 or the date in which Newton made his discoveries, he also learns about people and the world in which he lives in. He learns how to help others and be the best member of society that he can be. Besides school, Dan participates in other activities. He acts in theater, plays the clarinet and piano on the side, and also plays lacrosse. He also helps out his mother with her charity as much as he can. Dan believes that it is the responsibility of every American to help others, he gives because it is the right thing to do. He also enjoys reading, playing basketball, and tennis with his family.  Mr. Humer is a hard worker and does his best to do well on everything. When he has a goal in mind, he will do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal. He is honest, friendly, and a sharp person. So why should you vote for him? You should vote for him because he is smart, well rounded, knows how to get the job done, and cares. Mr. Humer cares about all of you. He knows how hard life is, how much you all go through in life, and how much turmoil and pain there is. Vote for Dan and life will be better than ever before with no heartache, suffering, or problems. Make history with Dan Humer for president. Never has the country seen a better president since Abraham Lincoln or George Washington.

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